Poem for Gianluca – animation artist extraordinaire

Gday. While in Rome recently top bird Felicita introduced me to a fantastic animation artist, Gianluca Maruotti. Gianluca works with a cooperative of other artists called B5. I was lucky enough to spend a day with Gianluca and have lunch with the group in their subterranean studio. Here’s a poem from the day:

Soft boy, sunny south Italy and Worst
‘A shit hole’; in both you’re maleable
Constitution and colour. Form and considered
Force the serious paths to ignore you:
Never looking up, gutters wash over you.

Armpit sweat pools have earnt
The respect of your tough love
Colleagues, alone, do not appear as friends:
Your allies, trapped in script, swap
Lips, eye brows, shape-nose
In subterranean frames, by ennui on en passant.

Here, marked by figures, you shine
Spolights up through brick cracks,
Not on the city you despise
And in return pays no attention
But on the people, once warmed, forever
At arms length, you have trained
Yourself to mould, coerce and change.


Scape is an adaptable word. Perhaps it’s not even a word but a concept extracted from the word Landscape. In any case, the notion of scape is applied to varying contexts to give that context some kind of grounding or place. Infoscape, townscape, treescape, datascape, beaniescape, boogiescape. You can virtually scape anything or any group.