Photographic tour of Riverbank Detention Centre – where Bon Scott spent nine months.

In 1962/1963, aged 16, Bon Scott was sentenced to nine months at Riverbank Detention Centre. He was charged and convicted for stealing petrol, giving a false name and unlawful carnal knowledge. Below is a series of images from Riverbank in Caversham, Perth Western Australia.

For a google map of where this is, click here. Riverbank is the square courtyard building if you zoom in.

The entrance and admin building:


The central courtyard:



Entrance to cells:


The cell block corridor:


Inside a cell:



A prisoners drawing:


The dark cell block corridor:


The courtyard under croft:


Dining room entrance:


The kitchen:


Bathroom entrance:

IMG_0738 (1)





The metalwork shop entrance:



The recreation room:


The cricket nets:



You can read about Bon Scott’s experiences at Riverbank here.

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7 thoughts on “Photographic tour of Riverbank Detention Centre – where Bon Scott spent nine months.

  1. Hi James, I have been researching Riverbank for my blog ‘The Light at the End’ and was wondering how you were able to gain entry and take photos? I would very much like to do the same but when I visited it was all locked up. Can you get in touch and let me know? It would be much appreciated. Cheers, Joe.

    1. Hi Joe. Government departments should help you. I’ll dig up my records and get back to you. Cheers

      1. Gday Alan is the guy from corrective services that granted me access, but I don’t think he works there any longer. Here’s his details:

        Alan Sanders
        Project Manager
        Infrastructure Services
        Department of Corrective Services
        Tel: 9264 1807
        Fax: 9264 1269

        Try the number?

        Also, an ACDC fan messaged me on Facebook. Said he was an actor and SBS were filming there.

        Hope this helps.

      2. Thanks! I will do. Reading Mick Wall’s book ‘AC/DC: Hell Ain’t a Bad Place to Be’, I have just realised that my Dad was in Riverbank Juvenile Prison briefly at the same time as Bon. Bon was incarcerated there aged 16 from April til late December 1963. Dad’s last of several “visits” there commenced on the 19th of November 1963 when he was 17. So they spent a month together behind bars. Scrubbing floors, going “into orbit” (running around and around the perimeter of the prison for miles on end) and, I have it on good authority, being regularly beaten by the screws. Somewhere in the middle of all that I like to think that they might also have shared a gallows laugh and a cheeky cigarette. 🙂

  2. a family member of mine spent time in there 1962-63 how can I find out more about her time in there

    1. Hi. I don’t think women stayed there. Good luck with your search.

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