Staging Australia

Nice piece of political staging the other day in Canberra. Where, instead of going outside and actually talking to people about their rights to protest and how it’s difficult for people to ‘get over’ genocide and invasion, the political leaders take the chance to stage an outrage. In all the footage as they are leaving, you don’t see a single protester harassing the ‘leaders’. Except this one poor bloke who got trampled by the cops. 



Tracy Ryan’s ‘The Argument’, a review

Tracy Ryan’s most recent poetry collection The Argument continues her overarching theme of perspectivism, or ways of seeing. The previous in the scope of perspectivism being Scar Revision and The Willing Eye. Just after the release of Scar Revision I dabbled with the idea of writing a review, but hesitated on the grounds that the work was a ‘thing in itself’. A work so artistically rounded that any review would detract from the act of reading the book itself. Now, however, with The Argument a pattern has emerged that sheds new light and openings to Ryan’s previous efforts. Read More…